Grants & Funding

The CCGA has enjoyed generous support from community, local government and state and federal  funds.  With significant support from GOCO and CDOT as well as the Colorado Parks & Wildlife State Trails Program, the Clear Creek Greenway has received close to $6.5M dollars for design and construction.

Projects and Grants Received

Clear Creek Greenway Canyon Segment Phase 2

In the Clear Creek Canyon, with significant support from the Clear Creek County Open Space Commission, a $2M dollar grant from GOCO made possible the design and construction of the section of trail from the western edge of Jefferson County to Tunnel 6.  The design is close to complete and construction is slated to begin in the fall of 2018.

Eastbound Peak Period Shoulder Lane

CDOT is committed to ensuring that their projects provide, in addition to transportation connectivity, additional benefits to the community. As part of the East Bound Peak Period Shoulder Lane project, work was completed along the Clear Creek Greenway including the Game Check Station Trailhead.

Clear Creek Greenway through Idaho Springs

In connection with the Colorado Boulevard project, and with support from the CCGA, the City of Idaho Springs received an additional $2M grant from GOCO, along with design support through CDOT, to build the section of Greenway through the entire length of Idaho Springs.  Design was complete in early 2018 and construction has begun and will continue as part of the Colorado Boulevard project.

RAMP - Hidden Valley to Empire

In September of 2014, Clear Creek County entered into Federal Aid Project CDOT PROJECT NHPP 0703-401 (19474), as part of CDOT's Responsible Acceleration of Maintenance and Partnerships (RAMP) Initiative to help complete the design of the Clear Creek Greenway Trail from Hidden Valley to Empire Junction.  CDOT provided $2M to the project. Clear Creek County provided $500,000 in matching funds.    

The purpose of the project is to prepare a trail plan that consists of design drawings of the proposed trail alignments for the segments of the Clear Creek Greenway between Empire Junction and Hidden Valley.

Projects and Grants in the Works

Westbound Peak Period Shoulder Lane

Infra Grant

Floyd Hill