Community Input

Community input is a critical part of determining the location of this trail. There are many other factors, from state and federal statute to the responsibility to steward public funds and  to meet grant requirements.  The Clear Creek Greenway Authority is committed to thinking creatively, with an open mind, to ensure we get as close as possible to "pleasing all the people all the time".

Community meetings to date

Downieville-Lawson-Dumont neighborhood meeting, held on September 23,2015 

Empire Town Meeting, held on October 27, 2015 

Town of Empire Town Council, January 19, 2016 o Follow Up Meeting, held April 20, 2016

Public Meeting (Open House), held March 29, 2016 

Community MeeTing Next Steps

A series of community meetings are planned, starting this summer, as part of the I70 improvement projects that are currently in planning stages. These meetings will provide an opportunity for community input on the Clear Creek Greenway trail design and alignments.