The Dumont-Lawson-Downieville Reach incudes 8 sections. 

Fairgrounds & Dumont Interchange East

From roughly Turkey Gulch Road to the Dumont Interchange East, initial designs (30% complete) call for a paved trail that will follow Stanley Road for all but the section just north of the Fairgrounds when the trail veers north to follow the creek briefly before returning to Stanley Road.

Dumont TrailHead

An improved trailhead and parking lot is planned to 95% design just to the north of the Dumont Interchange East. Questions remain as to how to offer the rafting company busses an option to turn around at the trailhead or whether they have to drive 2000 feet west to utilize the additional space at the LDS church property.

Connection Trail to Dumont Trailhead (LDS church)

Initial design of this section took place before the county obtained the property at the LDS church.  We are currently updating the trail design to account for this acquisition.  The intent is for the trail to follow the creek.

Animal Shelter

The animal shelter section of trail starts at the gate on the east end of the animal shelter property and extend to the eastern edge of the Silver Lakes neighborhood.  We are completing the design on theis section and engaging on questions like, how to keep both sheltered dogs and trail users safely separated to enhance the experience for both.

Silver Lakes

Initial designs took the Greenway through the Silver Lakes neighborhood.  Because many neighborhood residents were concerned about bringing such a public thruway through their neighborhood, and because the "feel" of the neighborhood is a departure from the environments the rest of the trail is passing through, the CCGA is revisiting this design and investing resources in exploring a new alignment that would cross the creek from the animal shelter and take the trail north of the Interstate until crossing back under at Lawson.  This possibility has many challenges and is no guarantee that the trail will not end up on the Silver Lakes side of the highway but the CCGA is invested in fully exploring this option and would like to see it happen.

Lawson & Lawson Whitewater Park

Initial 30% designs have the Greenway following the alignment of County road 308 and Alvorado Road.  At only 30% design, many question remain on how the trail will interact with residents.  Furthering the design and answering these questions will happen further down the road.  The construction of this section is still years away.