The Canyon

The Canyon Segment of the Greenway connects with the trails along Clear Creek going through Golden and is the first link connecting the Clear Creek Greenway with the network of trails in Jefferson County and on into Denver.









Jeffco Line to Tunnel 5

This section of the trail is complete and was completed in collaboration with Jeffreson County Open Space.

Tunnels 5 & 6

The Clear Creek County Open Space Commission has managed this section of project thus far, bringing the project to 100% design, working closely with Jefferson County to get that stage.  Construction is slated to begin later this year and will take 12 months.

TUNNEL 6 TO THE "Concrete house"

This section of the trail is 100% designed.

The "concrete house" to the 6 & 40 INTERCHANGE

The section of trail from Tunnel 6 to the 6 & 40 interchange is not yet designed or funded. We hope to construct a trail head parking lot at the western end of this section. This trail head would also serve as the eastern terminus of the Scott Lancaster Memorial section of the Greenway.