Idaho Springs 

After decades of effort by leaders in Idaho Springs, a massive project to improve Colorado Boulevard was funded.  A $2M grant from GOCO significantly expanded the City's resources allowing for funding of the Greenway through Idaho Springs.  The project is scheduled to be completed in 2019.

The trail was designed in the following segments.

East Idaho Springs

Starting from the storage facility on the eastern edge of Idaho Springs, going under I70 and along the creek, rejoining the roadway approximately at the roundabout, this section of trail is 90% designed.

Colorado Boulevard

From the roundabout heading west to the intersection near Maison de Ski, this 1000 foot section will follow Colorado Boulevard.


The trail crosses to the north side of the creek here, passing in front of the historic Argo Mine before crossing back over to rejoin Colorado Boulevard.

Courtney Riley Cooper Park

1800 feet of trail connecting the east end of the playground, along Colorado Boulevard to the Riverside Drive Bridge. Ths section will pass by a new park, improved rafting put-in and expanded parking at the Visitor's Center.

City Hall

460 feet of trail connecting the Riverside Drive Bridge with WaterWheel Park.

Water Wheel Park

1700 feet of completed Greenway

West Idaho Springs

3000 feet of Greenway connecting Water Wheel Park to Stanley Road.