Our Team

Tim Mauck  - Board President

Tim Mauck served as Clear Creek County Commissioner from 2011-2018 and is an avid outdoorsperson.  He has spent his adult life working in public service and honing his fishing skills. He is an accomplished orator and possesses excellent leadership skills and no small measure of diplomacy. 


Dan Ebert - Board Vice Chair

Dan is a community leader and entrepreneur.  He is Chair of the Clear Creek County Economic Development Board and has served as Treasurer for his political party’s central committee.  He also owns multiple businesses in the community and is widely known as a philanthropist.  


Lisa Gooch - Director

Lisa Gooch is an activist and fiscally minded community leader, ski instructor and dedicated Clear Creek County community member. 


Jacquie Zegan - Director

Jacquie Zegan is an artist and leader who founded a non-profit to preserve the unique history of a Clear Creek County landmark called the Alice Historical Society.  She is a creative hands-on fundraising expert who secured thousands of dollars in donated goods and services in support of the CCGA.


Larry Romine - Director

Larry Romine is an entrepreneur and business leader who generously supports community efforts to advance the common good. 

Brandon Gonski - Director

Brandon is General Manager for AVA Rafting & Zipline and joined the Board in the summer of 2018. He brings the perspective, expertise and interests of the rafting community is along with strategic thinking and operational insight as a professional leader.


Jenny Donahoe - Director

In the summer of 2018, Jenny joined the CCGA Board and opened an Edward Jones office in Idaho Springs. She has embraced civic engagement in Clear Creek County in multiple ways, from joining our Board, to Rotary to the Idaho Springs Chamber or Commerce. She brings practical wisdom, fiscal discipline and a commitment to public service.

Matt Lepkowski - Director

Matt is a retired IT professional who has traveled to all 7 continents.  He is active outdoors and has been a board member of the Clear Creek County Open Space Commission since 2014.

Amy Saxton - Executive Director

Amy Saxton has close to 25 years of nonprofit management and outdoor education experience.  Her skills include group facilitation, strategic planning, fundraising and project management. She serves as Executive Director and the sole paid service provider.