Who We Are

The Clear Creek County Greenway Authority (CCGA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that guides the greenway development along one of Colorado’s scenic river corridors.


Vision Statement

Balancing the preservation of the Clear Creek Greenway’s unique environments and the opportunity to enjoy and explore the Greenway, as well as maximizing the economic opportunities the Greenway provides is a task that requires a unified strategy with one unified voice.  The Clear Creek Greenway Authority will provide that voice and use it to develop the Clear Creek Greenway into a recreational, educational, and economic haven for both residents and visitors alike.

Our Mission

The Clear Creek Greenway Authority’s purpose is to lead the development of the Clear Creek Greenway by organizing, implementing and overseeing greenway strategies and projects, partnering with public and private entities to fundraise and build excitement among local and regional communities.  


Clear Creek Greenway Authority Board of Directors

Currently, the Clear Creek Greenway Authority is comprised of 7 members, with a County Commissioner serving as Board Chair.


Tim Mauck

Vice Chairman

Dan Ebert

Secretary / Treasurer

Marion Jennings

Larry Romine

Jacquie Zegan

Lisa Gooch